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Many patients who study at Ellern Mede School achieve A-Star GCSE results. We don’t publish names to protect confidentiality but read on to see this letter from ‘Ruby’, one of our star achievers.

Ruby writes: Here are my GCSE results: A* – Philosophy, A* – Spanish, A* – French, A – English Language, A – English Literature, A – Maths, B – Physics, B – Biology, B – Geography, B – Music, C – Chemistry

I was so happy when I got these results!! But I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to get these results if it wasn’t for the help, support, guidance and gentle, caring encouragement of you and your colleagues. I just want to say thank you so much to all of the teachers at the Ellern Mede school – but especially to you – as my keyteacher ;). I’ve now started work on my A-Levels – English Language, English Literature and Psychology and I now appreciate what you’ve done for me even more, after experiencing the education facilities that my other unit has.

I also thought you’d like to know that I’ve got a discharge date – it’s this Wednesday!! I’m really looking forward to it, although also a bit apprehensive. My relationship with my parents has improved a lot and I had my first meeting back with my out-patient nurse today which went really well 🙂 Thanks so much again – the Ellern Mede school is fab!!

With Lots of Love From Me xxxxx

And here is another story of success against the odds from a 2018 former patient we want to warmly congratulate. We are so glad she wants to share this:

“At the beginning of my treatment at Ellern Mede, I was in a position where I hadn’t been at school for 2 years and was really rather poorly – however, in the space of only a few months my health started to improve and a world full of opportunity and abundance revealed itself. Recovery to me wasn’t just being at peace with my body, but rather growing as a daughter, granddaughter and student. This summer I received my GCSE results of all A* and an A equivalent, which seemed impossible this time last year. The team at Ellern Mede Ridgeway and Ellern Mede School taught me the invaluable lesson of loving myself and people around me, and thanks to them I now lead a life free from an eating disorder.”

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