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82% of Ellern Mede School pupils’ GCSE exam scores are in the A to A* / 7 – 9 score range this year.

We are proud on behalf of our pupils to share the GCSE results achieved by the young people who completed their exams at Ellern Mede School this year. This is a glittering display of the very top achievable marks (8s and 9s), equivalent of the previous A* system across a wide range of subjects.

These are some of the best ever results the school has had. This year we also have results from a young person who remained as an external student with our school following their discharge from Ellern Mede Ridgeway hospital, as well as a student who is receiving treatment at Ellern Mede Barnet hospital.

46 GCSE examinations were taken, achieving a total of 17 scoring 9; 13 scoring 8; 8 scoring 7; and 3 scoring 6. That’s 38 out of 46 at A to A* star level – 82%.

In the previous year, 43 GCSE examinations were taken and 18 scored in this top range – 42%.

The 1 to 9 scoring system came in over recent years, with scores 7,8 and 9 replacing A to A*. We are delighted that our students have performed so well and need to emphasise that this is achieved without pressure, as we support pupils to achieve their own ambitions while working at their own pace. It is important to recognise that these are young people who are experiencing hospital treatment and every school lesson achieved is against the background of a difficulty, so the achievement is all the more worthy of congratulations. Well done.

In the 2018 year, we had students who undertook GCSE and AS Level studies. Some GCSE colleges and AS levels are still being graded A to E, but most GCSE colleges attended by our students graded using the new 1 to 9 system, where 7,8 and 9 replace the A to A* star grades. 43 GCSE examinations were taken;18 achieved A to A*; 1 a B, and nine results under 5. This is achieved without pressure, enabling students to work at their own pace and achieve their own ambitions.

In previous years, the school has had similarly good results. See results 2011 to 2017


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