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Ellern Mede School Ltd holds an OFSTED Outstanding rating for its London school in Mill Hill which has been incorporated since 2002. Its two London schools have a strong academic success record achieved for young people who have special educational needs owing to illness. We currently provide education to children up to age 18, and up to A-Level, for young people receiving inpatient treatment at either Ellern Mede Ridgeway hospital in Mill Hill or at Ellern Mede Barnet hospital in High Barnet. A third school planned for the local London area is to be announced soon and will expand its reach to pupils who have an educational health care plan (EHCP) for reasons of social, emotional & mental health (SEMH) reasons. Ellern Mede Moorgate School in Rotherham, South Yorkshire is due to receive its first OFSTED inspection soon.

"The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding."

Ofsted 2018 (Click here to read the report)


Ellern Mede Ridgeway

Spacious gardens at Ellern Mede Ridgeway

Ellern Mede School situated at Ellern Mede Ridgeway, Mill Hill, London provides education to GCSE and A-Level to inpatients at Ellern Mede hospitals in Ridgeway and High Barnet. We have an outstanding rating from OFSTED based on the quality of our special educational needs (SEN) teaching. It is also demonstrated in the excellent academic results achieved consistently over many years by our students. Mental ill health can cause disruption to education and in order to minimise this, it is essential that children receive the appropriate support to ensure they do not disengage with learning. Our unique approach works so well that we extend it beyond those at Ellern Mede hospitals, to any young people missing education through self-exclusion from school. Please talk to us to see if we can help you. Most education, for students who receive Local Authority funded education when they are well, is funded by Local Authorities. Every child is entitled by law to an education. We work closely with local authorities, home school, the family and any other professionals involved in supporting the young person. We teach a broad curriculum.


games for patients

Games for patients at Ellern Mede School in Mill Hill

Life as a student at Ellern Mede School involves a day from 9am to 3pm with breaks for snacks and lunch. Life at the hospital is varied, with time for extracurricular and therapeutic activities and hobbies built into each student's care plan. Most people will find it a 'home away from home' as they make friends, settle into a comfortable routine, and work constructively on all aspects of their health and recovery.

Our highly qualified teachers support special educational needs while encouraging engagement and academic success at each child's own pace. Re-engaging students with education is very important during and after illness to minimise life disruption at an important age. That re-engagement plays a big part in each student regaining confidence, vision for their future and ultimately, going home.

Access to on site clinicians from Ellern Mede hospital is an added benefit. Teachers and clinicians can work together in understanding and tailoring support to each student's needs.

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