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Individualised education for you as a student

Are you unwilling to attend your usual school? There may be many reasons why. A life event may have upset you;  a bereavement, victimisation, bullying; or do you have phobias or concentration problems? Whatever the reason you might be missing your usual school at the moment, please talk to your family or one of your teachers. Ellern Mede pupils are not judged, labelled or left on the outside of their peer group. You will be supported, understood, listened to and given every opportunity to succeed.

For you as a family

We understand you want your child to succeed in education; you know this is important for the child’s future. Do you feel something is threatening their success? Are they struggling to keep up their school attendance due to some form of ill health?

What Ellern Mede Friary Hall can offer students and their families

With our help, your child can overcome the barriers to learning, preventing the disruption of their education and their hopes for a successful future.

Love of learning

Ellern Mede’s expert teaching team has a strong track record in supporting young people to score high marks in their exams, overcoming many types of illness or distress. The student will progress at their own pace, in their own learning style, but with the encouragement, direction and motivation to nurture their ambitions and inspire them to rediscover their love of learning.

Small class sizes

The student can explore favourite subjects, discover new ones, and benefit from individualised, one on one and small group tuition in class sizes of up to eight per class. Your child will regain confidence to succeed in learning, gain excellent exam results and recover their abilities.

Excellent exam results

In our experience, we have seen our young students integrate back into mainstream school even after years of being outside of that system. 82% of the students taught in the past by our team have typically achieved GCSE exam scores are in the A to A* (9-7) range. Furthermore, Ellern Mede School, which Friary Hall forms a part of, is rated Outstanding by OFSTED in the past two inspections.

Local Authority and mixed funding options

Funding is usually provided by the Local Authority (LA). Education is not only a legal right for children up to age 16 but in terms of Educational Health and Care Plans (EHCP) right up to age 25 if there are evidenced needs for support. EHCPs can covers the cost of education at Friary Hall. We can help you apply for an EHCP. We also accept families who are self-funding.

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