Admissions to Friary Hall

For admissions enquiries please contact:


Tel: 0208 959 7774

Your expression of interest will be followed up with a phone call from one of our senior teaching staff and, if appropriate, we will arrange a meeting.

We would like to hear from families, teaching professionals, schools, and local authority commissioners.

Admissions process

We have a formal admissions process for Friary Hall that involves the following:

  1. Initial call: We will discuss the young person’s needs for education, wellbeing and engagement; their current situation and learning stage; the local authority or funding approach you have in mind; what are your short- and long-term aims including if you need help in applying for an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP).
  2. Visit / Tour of school: A visit and tour with our staff.
  3. Trial Period: The prospective pupil is invited to spend a number of taster days at the school. The usual number of days is two but, at the school’s discretion, circumstances may lead to a visit of a different length.
  4. Admissions' Panel: Following the child’s visit and the discussions that have taken place, the Admissions' Panel will then take into consideration all the available information (and obtain more where it feels it is necessary) and make an informed assessment against the criteria outlined in the Admissions Policy (Available HERE). The Admissions’ Panel will offer a place provided it confidently believes all the admission criteria have been met.

Learner Engagement at Ellern Mede Friary Hall

We ask the learner to commit to:

  1. Engage in their education
  2. Attend regularly
  3. Engage with the support provided and be motivated to progress
  4. Behave with respect and consideration


Ellern Mede School - Friary Hall normally charges a rate of £33,250 for an academic year (190 school days). Ellern Mede School invoices parents or Local Authorities one term in advance of the delivery of school services.

Funding is usually through a Local Authority or self-funding parents. Our admissions team consults the learner’s current school, family and Local Authority to plan admission and funding. It may be a mix of funding options as there are a variety of educational, therapeutic and extra-curricular services we offer.

We will endeavour to do our best to help you. If we cannot offer you a place, or you choose not to accept a place, we will do our best to offer you advice on the next steps your family might take.

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